If you are one among many other users like me, who are never in the habit of closing Flows/ 1-1s and have a laundry list of Flows/ 1-1s always open

And you always find it hard to get to the right flow/ 1-1 of your choice quickly and end up scrolling through the list multiple times?

You are in for some luck, we are now adding a ‘Quick Finder‘ search bar right on top of your organization name in the flow sidebar. It allows you to swiftly select a specific flow or 1-1 chat from an extensive list.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for someone specific, @username will get to 1-1s from that user alone excluding flows from the search results.


If you are having trouble locating the new quick finder bar just above your organization name in the Flow sidebar, refresh your browser/ restart you app.

NOTE: This feature is being rolled out to Web and Desktop apps of Flowdock and will be rolled out to mobile apps in a phased manner.

Hope you enjoy this update. If you have any questions, do post them as comments below or reach out to us @ Team-Flowdock-Support@ca.com.