As of right now website is opened. There isn’t much content yet, but a lot of promises, including the first release which is scheduled for next week, current target being Thursday, June 19th. Rails-doc is a community powered Ruby on Rails documentation app. It is open and social. It features an intelligent keyword search that is almost as fast as the native search in your browser. We have two clear goals, the second depending on the first:

  1. To provide a highly usable interface for perusing Rails documentation and for contributing with notes and examples and to thus collect a good amount of additional Rails documentation.
  2. To expand the actual documentation of Rails by providing tools to active members of the Rails-doc community for incorporating the notes into creating an extended unified improved documentation.
The first release will be the fruit of three sprints’ work from our core Rails-doc development team consisting of three active members and a few of much less active ones. is also the pilot project for APIdock, Nodeta’s new social software documentation app.

Many others have tried to develop a Rails documentation app, but none have succeeded. Regardless of that, I know that…

We can do it!
…we indeed can do it!

Check it out!