In addition to all kinds of general Ruby fame, Dr. Nic is the creator and maintainer of the Ruby on Rails Textmate bundle. Now, it seems that just a few hours ago he noticed that our Ville Lautanala aka Lautis had written a few good bugfixes and changes to the bundle. He then went ahead and merged them to the master branch.  And the real kicker here is, that among those changes was the change that adds APIdock-powered documentation macros. Let’s hope that this change sticks so all Rails codin’ Textmate users will be able to enjoy the rich documentation browsing that APIdock provides.

Will the Ruby bundle, which is also maintained by Dr. Nic, follow next?

Update: Origin of the bundle can be changed using following commands:

% cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Textmate/Bundles/Ruby\ On\ Rails.tmbundle % git remote rm origin % git remote add -f -t master -m master origin git://