Flowdock Today, we are happy announce our next product, Flowdock.

Flowdock is a real-time collaboration app that lets you work together as a team and talk things over smoothly and easily, all in the web browser.

What we want is to create a place for your team to share thoughts and work with each other, either formally or more casually over the web without the hassle of installing clients, fiddling with user names or zapping your productivity with annoying interruptions.

Armed with unobtrusive group messaging and a JavaScript platform for real-time collaborative apps, which we hope to help your team focus on your real goals. Flowdock can be used by just a one team or group inside your company—converting the whole company is not necessary.

In addition, Flowdock will present a full-fledged API at the disposal of third-party developers, allowing everyone to take advantage of our collaborative platform to the fullest extent.

Making web collaboration work

We are really excited about how Flowdock could change the process of communicating and working together at the office. Anyone working in a company without an IRC channel knows how hard it is to do even the most basic things like sharing interesting (cough youtube) links or figuring out the time and place for a lunch.

Also, when you’re drafting an important document, the chances are there are several people to have their say about it. Without a smart version control,  it’s rather painful. You send the document back and forth and at some point, somebody drops the ball and you’re all confused about which is the most recent version.

Usually you don’t know that well what others are doing unless you’re practicing Scrum, or a similar model with daily meetings. Even in that case you can’t be sure what others are working on right now, without bugging them about it.

Ville guiding Hannu and Raine through the inner workings of Flowdock

Ville guiding Hannu and Raine through the inner workings of Flowdock

Trying to solve these problems for ourselves last fall, we grew tired of the tools available and decided to make our own, starting with research on various Comet technologies, super-scalable message queuing and distribution, asynchronous storage and so on. Needless to say, implementing all this into web environment has not been trivial.

However, we put our man, Ville Lautanala, to work full-time on the research, and he subsequently started working on a Rails prototype. Now, with the help of the APIdock team we have managed develop a few sprints of alpha versions and at the time of writing, we are using it internally.

Flowdock will be available in this fall. Right now, you can go to our splash page and show your interest by subscribing to our mailing list. Later on, we’ll be able to let you know when we are ready to unveil the awesomeness we’ve been working on for the past year!

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