Teamwork needs work. With Flowdock, it’s as simple as having a chat. Flowdock keeps your team organized and up-to-date with no effort. It is a powerful team messenger web app.

The biggest day so far is upon us. We Shipped! Right now anybody can march to, click the ‘Sign Up for Beta‘ button and start accelerating their team. The hordes of new users gave us some server trouble and signup is now temporarily disabled.

Public Beta Open

A total of 650 teams from all over the world took part in Private Beta, and we got tons of feedback. Here’s what some have said about Flowdock.

“It’s what Google Wave should have been”

Flowdock Quotes

If you want to see more, just see what people are saying about Flowdock on Twitter.

The Genius

During the past few days we’ve shown some awesome uses for Flowdock. Here’s a quick recap.

Minimalist Meetings

Teamwork needs work. Flowdock attempts to minimize the amount of that work.

TODOs are conversation

These days there’s about a zillion ways to manage TODOs online. With Flowdock, the unique aspect is that you can handle them right in the middle of the conversation.

Agile Development with Flowdock

As an agile software development shop, we test extensively and practice continuous integration.

Handle feedback with Flowdock

How to be as responsive and communicative as possible towards your users.

Track your brands with Flowdock

Make your team act as a single unit in tracking, creating, molding, protecting and generally managing your brand.