EDIT: Check out our updated integration instructions.

Flowdock functions as the center of your work conversation, so it makes sense to receive notifications of your work to Flowdock. If you are a software development team, it’s a no-brainer to want notifications from your version control to pop into your Flowdock flow. Flowdock is now fully integrated with Git and GitHub.

To receive notifications from your GitHub repository to your Flowdock flow, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to Flowdock, and go to your flow.
  2. Go to Influx and click the Sources Button button.
  3. Copy the API token for your flow to clipboard.
    Sources view
  4. Login to GitHub, go to your repository’s page.
  5. Click Admin from the repository’s top menu, and then Service Hooks from the admin’s side menu.
  6. Click Flowdock from the list entitled Available Service Hooks.
  7. Paste the API token from clipboard to the field labeled Token and check the Active checkbox. Then click Update Settings.
    Github Hook

To test the integration, click Flowdock again from the hooks list on GitHub and click the now showing Test Hook button. Now you’re all set and receiving notifications from GitHub!

Git Messages Influx

If you need several flows to be notified about commits in one repository, go to the Post-Receive URLs section of the Available Service Hooks list and add one entry for each flow in the following form:


Other Git Repositories

We also support privately hosted Git repositories, but you’ll have to grab our post-receive hook.

curl -o hooks/post-receive https://github.com/nodeta/post-receive-http/raw/master/post-receive
chmod +x hooks/post-receive
git config httphook.url https://api.flowdock.com/v1/git
git config httphook.token _YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE_

That’s it, you’re all set with your git repos!

Check out more stuff about integrating your tools with Flowdock at our support section for agile software developers.