Confluence in Flowdock

Atlassian’s Confluence is the most popular enterprise wiki out there, and for good reason. We’re long-time Confluence users here at the Flowdock team as well, which is why Flowdock is now adding a communication layer to your Confluence wiki.

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Traditionally, what happens in Confluence, stays in Confluence. Not anymore. Now you can make wiki editing part of the conversation by pushing the changes into Flowdock. Your team will be able to follow wiki edits where the action is: in their flow.

Enterprise wikis do not have to be places where good ideas go to die! Those ideas need to be talked about, they need to be in the center of things and people. They cannot be buried in cluttered email inboxes and the dusty corners of enterprise wikis. They have to be broadcasted to Flowdock!

When Confluence changes are pushed to Flowdock, you get two major, major advantages:

Instant Broadcast

When you make a wiki change, add information, create something new, the fact that you did so, is instantly broadcasted to your team members talking in Flowock so they become aware of it.

Instant Review

Whatever change is made is instantly reviewed by your colleagues. You can talk about the change and decide on further changes, which will again be instantly broadcasted to the Flowdock flow.

This is what a wiki with a working communication layer looks like:

Confluence pushed to Flowdock

Get it now!

Download the plugin from Atlassian Plugin Exchange.

Read detailed instructions on our Confluence help page.

We’d like to thank the Confluence team and others at Atlassian who’ve been most helpful as we’ve developed this integration.