Flowdock icon on iPhone If there is one more thing an app built for teams needs, it’s a mobile client. To be able to tap into the hive mind of your team, regardless of where you are, is just golden. Long story short, Flowdock mobile Beta is out now! Just head on to https://flowdock.com/flows on your device to try it out. (Haven’t signed up yet? Go here first.)

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How Does It Work?

A couple of months ago, when we started development for the mobile web experience of Flowdock, we decided early on that jQuery Mobile will be our platform of choice. It made perfect sense, since we’re widely using jQuery already and the mobile project has such major traction.

Even though jQuery Mobile is still in alpha stages, we were able to implement a wonderful experience which not only gives a very native app feeling on the most advanced platforms like iOS or Android, but also works very nicely on the plethora of devices supported by jQuery Mobile, including any device capable of running Opera Mobile (recommended option on e.g. Symbian).

The result is amazing! We’ve prepared a short video (under 1 minute!) which quickly showcases what the app looks like.

The device configurations in the beginning sequence are (left-to-right):

  • Samsung Galaxy S running the native browser on Android 2.2
  • iPhone 4 running Safari on iOS 4.3
  • Nokia E51 running Opera Mobile on S60 Symbian OS v9.2
For now the mobile app includes just the chat, but we’re already working hard to bring you more features on the mobile.