Style Me Pretty is a style savvy wedding blog, that loves Flowdock. We talked with the technical lead of the team, Tait Larson, to get a behind-the-scenes look at how Flowdock helps Style Me Pretty operate smoothly.

Launched in 2007, Style Me Pretty is on a mission to bring chic and sophisticated wedding to the masses.

Bringing in over 500.000 visitors and 13 million page views each month, Style Me Pretty has grown leaps and bounds from its beginnings. The team has expanded from Abby and Tait to about 15 people scattered all over the United States.

Tracking Media inside Flowdock

Keeping the blog up and running and staying on top of all social networks requires a fleet of technical and non-technical staff. They are located all over the United States, yet they work seamlessly together, and they work fast.

How? With Flowdock.

“Flowdock is just quicker, cleaner and better than other tools around!”, Tait says.

On any given day, Style Me Pretty needs to follow up on the hottest trends, see what’s new, and keep Style Me Pretty active on all social networks, like Twitter. To ensure their fingers are constantly on the pulse of what’s new & pretty, Style Me Pretty tracks social media and website activity through Flowdock’s real time notifications – keeping both internal and external communication timely.

All team on the same page

The entire Style Me Pretty team uses Flowdock on a daily basis – keeping people in constant commutation and making all tasks that much more efficient. Editors may ask the tech team for advice, and the tech team can keep everyone updated on any issues that might arise.

Flowdock is used as a 101 tech support channel inside the team – everyone always knows who’s online, and status updates tell who’s working on what.

Another key function is the social aspect. “The team is spread across many states, and by chatting in Flowdock, the team members connect and gather around a “virtual water cooler””, adds Tait.

“Since we started with Flowdock, the team has more than doubled in size. Flowdock has helped us avoid communication hiccups as we grow!”