Hubot, Github‘s awesome chat bot was open-sourced a couple weeks ago. That’s when we jumped in and made it talk with Flowdock. Hubot has some pretty cool abilities. To get your very own Flowdock Hubot:

  1. Create a Hubot user for your Flowdock company.
  2. Follow these deployment instructions.

Among the built-in abilities are:

  • show a map for an address (“hubot map me …”)
  • show an image based on keywords (“hubot image me …”)
  • show a youtube video based on keywords (“hubot youtube me …”)
  • fetch an image of a person from the web and add mustache to aforementioned picture of said person as demonstrated above, great for Movember (“hubot mustache me …”)

See the rest by saying “hubot help”. There’s tons more you can add yourself in the hubot-scripts repository.

These features also make use of our new link preview feature (currently works with images, YouTube, Google Maps and tweets).

Make Hubot Useful

Hubot can do much more than incite a laugh or two. For example, one of our users, Christopher Castle, has implemented a JIRA issue fetcher, which allows Hubot to list and search JIRA issues assigned to you.

Similar functionality for Pivotal Tracker has been implemented as well, get it here.