It’s hacking time! The new Flowdock API is out now. We are currently in the process of polishing up the documentation, which will be put onto a public repo on Github a little later for everyone to fine-tune. At this point we are still actively editing and expanding the docs.

Here are the new APIs as of now:

REST APIRead the docs

  • Authenticate as a Flowdock user
  • Get flow data
  • Post to chat or update status
  • Great for Flowdock clients, user-based integrations or two-way bots.

Streaming APIRead the docs

  • Listen to messages
  • Great whenever you want to render the conversation or parse things from what people say.

Push APIRead the docs

  • Post to Team Inbox or Chat without identifying as a user
  • Great for notifications or simple bots which do not need to listen to messages.

Things to come

In the Following days, we will write up the different parts of the API in greater detail. We will also post about these awesome things:

Stay tuned! And tell us what you would like to see next via