Commemorative beer for the launch: Flowdock API IPA

We launched the new Flowdock API a couple of days ago. Now, we have released the API documentation source on GitHub. The source consists of Markdown files which are used to render the official docs at If you notice any errors in the docs or wish to improve them in any way feel free to issue a pull request.

Yesterday we posted an intro to the streaming API and we’ll continue the write-ups next week, but this Friday we are reserving for celebrations.

Any self-respecting software team needs some side-projects, things to do in times of frustration or while just waiting for tests or deployments to finish. Well, we’ve recently got going a budding hobby in nano-brewing. And today, we get to taste the second result of our brewing: The Flowdock API IPA.

This unfiltered Indian-style pale ale is rich and strong in color, fruity and seducing in odor and has a brisk, tangy taste with a modern aftertaste.

Only a dozen bottles were produced, so a selected few get to enjoy a tasting.

Thanks to everyone who have already started hacking and mashing up things with the API. We love to hear about all the projects.