That’s right, you can now GET messages. It is an obvious extension to the Flowdock API, the ability to fetch messages of a flow given certain filters. You can fetch up to or starting from a specific ID, filter by event or tags and so on.

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A basic example of filter use:

GET /messages?until_id=3456&limit=20&event=message

This request will get you 20 plain chat messages leading up to the message with ID 3456 (which will not be included).

Searching With Tags

The new API lets you also search messages by tags. Getting all the messages tagged with the tags #feedback and #todo is as simple as

GET /messages?&limit=20&tags=feedback,todo

Tags are used to a lot of things internally in Flowdock. Filtering by tags gives you access to several features, such as fetching all the comments of a team inbox item with ID 12345

GET /messages?&limit=20&tags=:influx:12345

or listing messages that contain links or files:

GET /messages?&limit=20&tags=:url
GET /messages?&limit=20&tags=:file

Check out the tags documentation for specifics.

Message Types

We started documenting the different Message Types. There’s still a lot to be done on that front. We haven’t covered much of the team inbox events in the docs and we are going to be changing some of the events’ structure.