Xobni, one of the earlier Y Combinator funded startups (YC 06), is a Flowdock customer. They make your inbox and address book smarter by making it easy to search and discover all your contacts – even those who aren’t in your address book. Xobni’s director of marketing, Britton Montalvo paints a picture:

What if you had a magic address book that automatically identified the name and contact information for everyone you had ever communicated with? Xobni brings you that magic with our mobile and desktop solutions that automatically create rich profiles for all your contacts, including photos, complete contact info, communication history and updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Xobni’s Smartr Contacts is available for iPhone (video & download) and Android (video & download). Both apps have been named “The Best Address Book Apps” by Lifehacker. You can even get it on BlackBerry. Smartr Inbox is available for Gmail and they have Xobni for Outlook.

Flowdock at Xobni

So, how does Flowdock fit into this? Xobni has been using Flowdock now for a few months. Having previously used an array of messaging clients including Skype, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger etc, the Xobni team has seen a massive shift in communications moving to Flowdock:

Now 80% of our communications reside in Flowdock. Flowdock has also increased the Xobni Server Engineering team’s productivity tremendously with its deep integrations.

The Xobni team uses JIRA for defect tracking, Opsview for monitoring, Git for version control and also QuickBuild and Capistrano as deployment tools.

Flowdock manages to keep everyone on the same page, and working efficiently:

We are distributed across San Francisco, Montreal, Iowa and India and using Flowdock has enabled us to stay better connected with one another and work much more efficiently. At any time, anyone in the team can instantly get up to speed on what is happening in our network, so they can jump in to help resolve any issue or identify potential areas for optimization. With Flowdock, we are able to easily process and manage more than 5 billion messages for our users per month.