Flowdock available on the App Store We are happy to tell you that the official Flowdock iOS app is now available on the App Store. The app lets you tap into your Flowdock flows on your device and works on any iOS device running iOS 5.0 or newer. You can chat with your teams, upload photos using your camera and scroll into history to keep up with discussions.

Two major things you can expect coming into the iOS app are push notifications and team inbox support. Later we’ll bring in searching and filtering plus tagging support.

Flowdock iOS App Internals

To give you a peek under the hood of the Flowdock app, let’s take a look at a fairly new player in the iOS development platform game, AppGyver, now taking on against the likes of PhoneGap and several others.

AppGyver provides a WebView-driven JavaScript context to create iPhone apps using multiple WebViews and combining them with native features such as navigation stack, document previews, native transitions and nice fine-tunings like momentum scrolling to break you away from the run-of-the-mill HTML5 apps.

Our app is written in CoffeeScript and we use Backbone models in conjunction with the Flowdock API to move data around.

Major painkillers in AppGyver’s development flow include things like completely Xcode-less cloud builds and real-time in-device and simulator previews. They already have Android support in the works, too (shush!).

We have developed the Flowdock app in close cooperation with the AppGyver guys. To get a better idea on how it’s built, also take a look at the AppGyver API Docs and of course try the Flowdock app itself, to check how smooth the scrolling actually is.

Have fun chatting on the go and let us know any and all feedback you have!