Flowdock as an alternative to Grove or IRC

Grove.io, a hosted IRC service, is shutting down on October 13th. As you may know, Flowdock is fully operational via any IRC client and thus works as a fairly direct replacement.

The importer, it’s easy to use. The whole process should take only a few minutes:

  1. Sign Up to Flowdock
  2. Logged in to Flowdock, go to the Grove.io importer
  3. Input your Grove.io credentials and follow the instructions, only the channels you select will be imported as Flowdock flows.
  4. Check out How To Use Flowdock With An IRC Client.

You’ll receive e-mail notifications once the imports have been completed (should be very quick). And that’s it, you’re back in business. You’ll have 30 days to see if Flowdock works for you, before you need to pick up one of our plans.