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For the past few months, our complete focus has been on creating a beautiful group chat tool which embraces all the other apps your team uses and seamlessly moves between threaded conversation and traditional linear chat.

Flowdock, our web app that combines group chat with a shared inbox, has already proven to be incredibly sticky for teams. Flowdock customers on average spend more than 7 hours using the app on a given workday. Now, the New Flowdock is here and the highlights follow!

Mac Desktop App

We are simultaneously releasing a brand new shiny Mac desktop app complete with desktop notifications, keyboard shortcuts and retina-proof graphics. It even supports the full array of OS X Emojis! Check out the Emoji Cheat Sheet for details.
Download the app here.

Chat & Threads Together

We have added something probably never seen before: a unique combination of chat and thread-based communication. You can choose to reply to a specific chat message (or a message from an external source, like an issue from an issue tracker) or continue the discussion in a normal, linear, chat-like fashion. It’s up to you. Discussions in this style tend to be more efficient and natural.

Responsively Designed For Any Device

The New Flowdock works wonderfully on touch-based devices regardless of their screen size. We seamlessly transcend between single and multi-pane designs dependending on the screen size of your device. This way, you have the same, beautiful experience both on handheld devices and on the desktop.

Complete Redesign

The New Flowdock has been completely redesigned and rewritten. It is beautiful, inside and out. The new slender interface emphasizes the content and adapts to its users’ needs without abandoning a sense of familiarity. All essential controls and content are directly available but never in the way.

On the inside is a Backbone app with delicious Bacon.js sprinkled on top, completely written in CoffeeScript.

Private Messages & Tabbing

Finally here. Private messaging has been added to make Flowdock completely cover all your needs as a full-fledged group chat software. We’ve also added built-in tabbing to make it easier to work in multiple teams and switch contexts when needed.

As always, feedback is very welcome!