There has been a lot of hustle and bustle at our Helsinki office lately. After being acquired by Rally Software a month ago, we’ve been spending some time getting to know the people and ways of Rally. In the meantime, we never stopped shipping new features to Flowdock. Here’s a few of those features.

Someone Is Typing In Here…

We added a feature which can be found in many chat applications. That is the ability to tell when someone has begun typing something into the chat, but has not yet posted it.

Someone is typing screenshot

We simply show a little “Mikael is typing…” text next to the chat input when this happens. And if you prefer not to show when you’re hesitating, you can turn the feature off from Preferences.

Access Mode For Flows

Previously, you always needed to specifically hand-pick the people you wanted to add to a Flowdock flow. Now you can choose from three different access modes:

  1. Invite-only – everything works as it used to, and you still need to invite or add existing people in your organization to your flow.
  2. Anyone with the link – Anyone with a specific join link can join the flow. You can distribute this single link in any way you like.
  3. Anyone in the company – You have the join link as in (2.), but you also allow anyone in the company account to freely join this flow via the flows drop-down.

The people settings can be accessed via each flow’s user avatar bar.

And Some Other Features We Added Lately

  • Added an emoji auto-completer, so you can simply type a colon (:) to start adding an emoji emoticon.
  • Added file uploads to private chat.
  • Worked a lot on the mobile web experience. Now there’s better UI for switching flows. A lot to do there, still. We’re working on it.
  • Improved IE support (IE9 & 10).
  • Added multi-flow support for API & integrations – you can now use a comma separated list of flow tokens in any integration that works using flow tokens (GitHub, JIRA etc).
  • Edit message with up arrow – when you have focus in the chat input and it is empty, pressing the up key will open up your latest chat message for editing.
  • Edit message in private chat – extended the feature to private chats.
  • Made notification volume configurable via Preferences
  • Added actual delete functionality for flows
  • Changed the flow tabs style into a more compact one
  • Added simple keyboard shortcuts to switch flow tab in browser: Press first Esc and then Left, Right, 1, 2, 3 or so on to switch tabs.

Things To Come Are Mobile

We also have a lot of things in the pipeline! Right now we’re cooking up a new version of our iPhone app, which will add some long-awaited features (think push!).

Another thing we’re adding is many users’ pet peeve. We won’t be forcing everyone to use Gravatar anymore but instead you’ll be able to add your avatar directly to Flowdock.

As always, all feedback is extremely welcome!