Short and sweet: Keyboard shortcuts in Flowdock – to try them out press ? in Flowdock (while not focused in a text field).

Flowdock keyboard shortcuts

There is no feature as fought over and as varying in people’s opinions as keyboard shortcuts. That’s why we built ours based on two simple principles.

1. What fits Flowdock?

In Flowdock, you spend most of your active time in a text field typing away – thus any well-functioning keyboard shortcut scheme would have to work so that it does not interfere with typing. Using a meta key (Cmd/Ctrl) in a web app is a non-starter, since the combinations would overlap with the OS’s keyboard shortcuts. That is what lead us to using the key which by default in a browser blurs an input field: Esc — most shortcuts in Flowdock are used by first pressing Esc and then a letter key, similarly to Gmail’s use of ‘g’ + key.

2. Unified and intuitive

All shortcuts that perform (destructive) functions or move to a different view in Flowdock are prefixed with Esc. Only ones that simply focus a different part of the screen (search etc) can be used without Esc – but intuitively you’ll use even them with Esc, since you’ll likely be focused in a form field to begin with. Also, there is a specific message browsing mode you can get into, where you do not need to first press Esc, but instead you can move around message lists until Esc is pressed again or a form field is again focused through other means. Intuitive is the hard part – but we’ve done our best.

Just press ‘?’ inside the app to get the specifics. Feel free to send us feedback and suggest changes and additions.