In Flowdock, you can use a few special IRC style commands. These commands are typed into the chat and are all preceded by “/”. To get an overview of available commands, type /help into the chat in your Flowdock flow.

Initiate A Google Hangout From Your Flowdock Flow

Our latest and perhaps most interesting addition to the command cavalcade is /hangout. The command is sent without any parameters and allows you to initiate a Google Hangouts video conference. After you type the command, you will be taken into a Google Hangout, and you’ll complete the following steps:

Flowdock Google Hangouts App Connect Screen

  1. First, close the Google Hangout invitation screen that pops up automatically or invite any extra members that are not in the Flowdock flow where you initiated the hangout.
  2. Give the Flowdock app permission to access your Google account details (only needs to be done once).
  3. You can set a title for the Google Hangout if you like. Next, click the Send invite button on the right side of the screen to post an invite message to the flow or 1-to-1 where you started the hangout.

The Flowdock Hangout app will then post a join link into the Flowdock flow or 1-to-1, which others can then use directly to join the video conference.

Other Interesting And Strange Commands


Perhaps the most used command is /status which unsurprisingly allows you to change your status. /query Nick opens up a new 1-to-1 message with Nick. /me is well known from the worlds of IRC and Skype – it lets you form messages such as “Mikael is now going to go buy a tonne of ice cream for the office”.

Amongst the more secret commands are /slap and /beers. The former is a historical IRC relic that originates in a Monty Python sketch and the latter is an homage to a Ruby “library” (used with an integer parameter).

Let us know what other commands would make sense to you and we’ll see if they can make their way into the app.

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