From this moment on, Flowdock will be free for any team that has five or fewer members. For everyone else Flowdock will simply cost $3 per user per month. There are no other costs. If you’re not a customer yet, you can sign up here.

Five seats of Flowdock for free

As an old customer, your total cost will not rise. Compared to our previous plan-based pricing, the new prices could result in a lower or higher total cost depending on the number of users you currently have. However, as an old customer you will be entitled to keep the prices you currently have and your price will only change if the new pricing results in a cheaper total cost.

With the new pricing comes a new billing system. PayPal is no longer supported, but you can pay with any of the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. You’ll be billed once each month based on the number of users in your account at that time. If you have 5 users or less, you won’t be billed.

What Do I Need To Do?

It’s super-easy!

  • If you have more than 6 users, you’ll have to set your credit card information again via the account page to activate the new pricing. If you don’t do this now, we’ll keep billing you your current rate via PayPal for now and will send you reminders once we require you to move over to the new pricing.

  • If your team has 5 or less users, you don’t have to do anything. You have already been moved under the free plan. Go to the account page to verify this. If you’re planning to grow to more than 5 users, you’ll be able to set up your credit card information via the account page.

If you have any questions, check out the pricing FAQ or contact us at