Zapier is a web application which allows you to create custom integrations, or ‘zaps’, between other web applications. Zapier supports Flowdock as a target for an integration. Check out the list of tools you can integrate with Flowdock using Zapier.

Example: Get Notifications From Asana To Flowdock

Integrating services with Asana is a bit more work than the average Flowdock integration, but it can be well worth it. As an extra, you get plenty of filtering features that are implemented in Zapier. As an example, here are instructions on how to configure notifications in Flowdock for new Asana tasks.

  1. First sign up to Zapier and the go to set up the integration.

  2. Choose “New Task” for the action in Asana, and “Create Message” for Flowdock.

  3. Set the Asana and Flowdock API tokens. Get your Flowdock flow token from this page.

  4. Next, you’ll get to set a filter for the Asana tasks, that you want to cause a notification in Flowdock. You need to at least select a workspace or you can simply select a particular project.

  5. Customize the message that comes into Flowdock. Next to the text inputs are little Asana logos, that you can click to add Asana properties to the fields. Here’s an good example of what the fields can look like

    Flowdock config for new Asana tasks in Zapier

    Please note that the from address is used to show a specific Asana icon in Flowdock next to the messages.

  6. Finally, you get to try out your Zap and make sure it works the way you want. Then simply click Continue and give the Zap a name to finalize the process.

You can also get Flowdock notifications from Asana comments. You can adapt these instructions to create many other notifications from different services.

You can also create an integrations in the opposite direction. Here’s an example.

Create A Trello Card By Posting In Flowdock

Zapier has just added Flowdock as a trigger. Using that, you can cause things to happen in other tools when people post chat messages into Flowdock. For example, you can have messages with a #bug tag create new cards in Trello. Check out Zapier’s announcement for more info.