Flowdock now has custom emoji

What better way to lighten up the day and spruce up your work conversations than injecting little images depicting various things into your Flowdock conversations? Yes, I’m talking about emoji. A hefty set of them has been available for a while in Flowdock. You can use them by simply typing in a colon, the name of the emoji, followed by another colon. Try stuff like :beer:, :cake: or :stuck_out_tongue:. Many other services – most notably GitHub – support the same functionality.

Up until now, we’ve only supported the standard set of emoji – as officially defined by the Unicode consortium and supported, for example, by iOS devices. But after plenty of feedback from our customers, we’re now expanding our emoji capabilities.

We recently added certain meme emoji and other common favorites, including :trollface:, :shipit: and many others from www.emoji-cheat-sheet.com.

Apart from the obvious benefit of enriching conversations with humor, there are some useful things you can use emojis for. As an example, (:+1:) and (:-1:) are great for showing (dis)agreement or taking quick ad-hoc polls.

Custom emoji!

If you’re not satisfied with the out-of-the-box selection, don’t worry: you can now add any emoji to be used privately in your Flowdock organization. Simply head on to your account page and select the Emoji sub-page from under your organization. Once there, you can upload any square-shaped image file to be used as an emoji and define the :name: to trigger it. The emoji will be immediately available to be used in conversations. You can even upload animated GIFs (as well as PNGs or JPGs).

Mobile app support for emoji is currently only partially completed, but we’re working on it! Let us know if you have any other problems or wishes around the topic.