Ploughing forward in wintry Helsinki

Since the release of our rewritten mobile apps, we’ve been hard at work squashing bugs and adding new functionality. The newest version of the iPhone app, released last week, includes support for custom emoji and editing, deleting and tagging messages. And, of course, plenty of bug fixes and usability tweaks. Many of you have requested iPad support, which is one of the major iOS things that we’ll be focusing on next.

On the Android side, the latest update allows you to start 1-to-1 conversations and includes many speed and stability improvements. Looking towards the future, we’ll be adding the ability to open and close flows, edit messages and see custom emojis.

We know that many people would love to use a Windows desktop Flowdock app, and we hear you – plans are underway. Until we release it, you can create your own Windows Flowdock app with the help of Chrome. Simply install the Flowdock web app and follow these instructions to create an application shortcut for it.

We appreciate all the feedback that we’ve received from everyone. Sending feedback is the most effective way to bring our attention to a bug or a feature request, so keep it coming!