Client work is communication

Do you work for an agency, consultancy or a studio? Or as a freelancer? Your clients want to work with the best and most effective brains available. Whatever the deliverable, client work always has these fundamental challenges:

  • Sharing a common understanding.
  • Keeping reporting and other overhead to a sensible level.
  • Maintaining fluent, effortless communication.

Keeping your internal group chat apart from the customer-facing messaging is generally a good idea. They have their sensitive information and so do you. For this, Flowdock organizations is a neat solution.

Multiple organizations when necessary

Are you already using Flowdock internally? Good. Create a new organization to share with your company and client stakeholders from your Account page.

Screenshot 2014-03-18 12.55.49

After naming the new organization, create a flow for the group of people initially working together. It’s trivial to add new flows as you find the need for them. Start simple.

Screenshot 2014-03-18 13.01.19

See, the newly created flow is right there next to your other flows:

Screenshot 2014-03-18 13.05.09

Now it’s time to invite people to this flow. They’ll be added to the newly created organization automatically:

Screenshot 2014-03-18 13.05.21

What you end up with is one tool for your communication needs, with sensitive internal information kept apart from client work. When you’re taking a day off from the project, you might as well close the tab. People in that flow will notice you’re offline but can still notify you with a @Name mention, if need be.

What’s in it for the clients?

  • One place to reach you – faster and less formal than e-mail.
  • “A perfect virtual office”, “brings the team together” (words from our customer feedback)
  • The client has a searchable history of everything that is discussed during the project.
  • …and they can keep the Flowdock organization and all its contents forever.

Think of the flows as one of your project deliverables. Consider staying around, supporting the client and keeping the door open for the next project.