While the Flowdock team has been hard at work on some major improvements (more information coming soon!), we released a feature this week that should help you stay up to date with your flows.

New messages indicator screenshot

When you receive new messages in a flow that’s not open, the messages will appear below a New messages line. The same applies for team inbox messages. And if you update to the version of the Android and iOS apps that were released this week, the last read message status will sync across all your devices. Thanks go to irssi’s classic trackbar.pl for inspiration!

Other mobile app improvements

The new messages indicator isn’t the only thing that has been added to our mobile apps. Since adding support for iPad, the iOS app has received quite a few user interface improvements, including a better flows list, improved photo handling, username completion and a “User is typing…” indicator. And, of course, bug fixes, performance boosts and stability improvements.

On the Android side, a lot of work went into more efficient battery usage. Many features were added, including the ability to open and close flows, edit messages and show custom emoji. Notifications are also more configurable. And, like on iOS, bugs have been squashed.

We hope you enjoy these new features! As always, we love feedback, and want to eliminate all bugs. You can reach the team by sending a message to support@flowdock.com.