Petri Avikainen is a Flowdocker

Meet Petri, our latest recruit, and the 18th Flowdocker. Petri has a background in web software development in the beautiful Finnish west coast city of Turku, and even a Master of Science degree from Turku University halfway up his sleeve. He has now left the blue skies, green pastures and clear waters of Finland Proper, to join us in dusty ol’ Helsinki. Just ask Petri, and he’ll tell you to visit Turku. Did I mention he’s from Turku?

When Petri isn’t riding and building bikes, playing guitar or searching for the perfect pizza recipe, he aspires to become a real coding artiste by learning to perform live music by coding, in the style of the duo Meta-eX using the Overtone platform. Because of that, this diehard (aren’t they all?) Vim user has Clojure and Emacs sitting at the top of his pastime todo list. Welcome, Petri!