The Next Flowdock in action

It’s been a month since beta access to The Next Flowdock was opened for everyone. We’ve received a lot of great feedback, and have been busy fixing bugs and improving the overall experience. We’re now bringing the Next Flowdock out of beta and will be shutting down the old user interface. If there’s still something that you find lacking or less awesome than before, let us know right away at

Here’s a selection of some of the great new features:

Flow sidebar

Sidebar screenshot Tabs have been replaced with a sidebar of all your flows and 1-to-1 conversations along with activity indicators. The sidebar makes Flowdock easier to use for teams and companies that regularly have tens of flows or conversations open. Feel the sidebar takes up too much space? Hit the collapse button in the bottom left corner.

Flowdock has always had great support for multiple organizations. With the sidebar, flows are now grouped per organization, making it much more obvious which organization a flow belongs to.

Chat and team inbox, redesigned

Flip side selection screenshot The chat and team inbox have switched sides, and taking part in conversation threads is now easier with only one text entry box. Prefer the way threads worked in the old Flowdock? Select the Flip Side option in the thread’s menu (or press Esc-s).

We know that the team inbox is not useful in all flows, so it’s now possible to hide it. Just click on the Inbox button to toggle it open or closed, and it will be remembered for each flow. If new content appears in an inbox that’s closed, the button will indicate new activity.

Notifications list

Notifications list screenshot

Find all the messages you’ve been mentioned in from one place, and easily jump back into the context of the messages. The notifications list helps you respond to all messages directed at you, and stores your whole mention history in one convenient location.

New messages indicator

New messages indicator screenshot

Instantly see which messages are new since you last visited a flow. If there are more than a screenful of new messages, click on the new Last read message button to jump back in time to when you last had the flow open.

…and much more

New keyboard shortcuts, performance improvements and overall design tweaks are just some of the improvements that we’ve been making to the Next Flowdock during the past six months. We hope you enjoy the updates, and look forward to your feedback!

If you haven’t tried the new Flowdock yet, sign up for a free 30 day trial. Flowdock is, as always, free for teams of five or less, student use and non-profits.