Support agent on the phone. From the movie Time Table:

Early morning. Taking care of support tickets. Got nine in the queue. One difficult and eight that I can handle easily. Asked the rest of the team about the difficult one in our flow – could be a bug, but where? I’m not sure, but the flow usually knows.

Next up, the eight easy ones. Handling them with a smile on my face. The early-bird engineers have started flowing in, and embrace the difficult bug challenge. Turned out to be a wrinkle in our notification system. My teammate Joe replied to the requester himself, signing it “Joe / Engineer”. His fix is already in QA. Looking good.

“No tickets in this view.” That was fast.

Tackling support tickets is incredibly effective as a team. Tickets that appear in your team’s inbox are a great starting point for discussions related to the problem, or the coordination of who’s going to handle it. Making your users’ feedback visible for everyone – especially your development team – has the added benefit of keeping a collective finger on your users’ pulse, helping you guide product development in the right direction. The whole Flowdock team handles support, which has been an extremely beneficial practice.

Today, we’re kicking off a new wave of integrations. We’ve been working on these for a long time, and are pleased to launch with Zendesk, our most popular customer support tool. Let’s look at what’s new.

Related activities grouped together

The lifespan of a support ticket

All interactions related to one support case are now grouped into one thread. This means that customer messages, ticket assignments, status changes, comments on Zendesk and discussions on Flowdock are all visible as one chain of events. This allows you to easily follow the whole history of a customer interaction.

As long as the activities are related to the same Zendesk ticket, we now group consecutive activities in the team inbox as well. Less noise for all!

Visible status

Status visible in the team inbox

Each Zendesk ticket has a state: new, open, pending or solved. These states are now visible (with color-coding) right from the team inbox. This helps the team quickly react to new or open tickets.

Two-way integration

Bi-directional Zendesk actions

This is big: we’ve also added the ability to perform common actions right from within Flowdock! Assign tickets to yourself or change the state of a ticket with a single click. There’s tons of potential with bidirectional integrations, so expect some awesome new features based on this.

Next up: GitHub, Rally, Trello, Pivotal Tracker and more

The new Zendesk integration can be enabled by anyone who has admin access to your Zendesk subscription.

We’re currently working on updating other popular integrations (such as GitHub, Rally, Trello and Pivotal Tracker) to the new integration platform. We’ll keep you updated.

If you happen to maintain a Flowdock integration, we’d love to see you take advantage of our new integration platform. Your users will surely be delighted. Read our integration guide, or send a message to if you have any questions. We’ll help you be among the first partners who takes advantage of these new awesome features, and will make sure our users hear about it.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend the use of tobacco products during or outside the proceedings of your support process.