Hot on the heels of our improved GitHub and Zendesk integrations is an upgrade to another popular Flowdock integration: Trello!

Flowdock's new Trello integration

All updates to a Trello card will now be grouped into one thread within a team inbox item. Hooray for less inbox spam! You can see the name of the list that the card belongs to from your inbox, helping you stay up to date at a glance. You can also add yourself to a card or move a card between lists, right from Flowdock.

Trello actions in Flowdock

To start using the new integration, simply add Trello as an inbox source in your flow. If you already have Trello set up, you should see an instruction on how to upgrade.

We’re currently hard at work upgrading our most popular integrations, so expect some more updates in the near future. If you’re the maintainer of an existing Flowdock integration or would like to integrate a new service with Flowdock, be sure to check out our new integration guide for instructions on how to take these new features into use – your users will surely thank you.

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