The future is here. Well, at least the retrofuturistic dreams about talking to your watch that were made most famous by David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight in Knight Rider. With Apple Watch and CarPlay coming out, it almost looks like Apple are taking their cues out of the 80s TV classic.

Starting yesterday, you can talk to your Apple Watch to post it as text in Flowdock. Responding to push notifications is another great use case for the watch.

In the Watch app, there are 3 modes for sending messages:

  1. Dictation: simply speak your mind and the app will transcribe whatever you say
  2. Apple’s new animated emoji
  3. A few handy “bucket” answers, such as +1, -1, and “On my way”

If you don’t want to reply to a message, you can mark it as read. Want to reply later? Just hit ‘Dismiss’. We think reacting to notifications is going to be – by far – the most interesting feature for Flowdock on the Apple Watch, but we’ve included the possibility to post to any flow or 1-to-1 as well.

The feedback we’ve heard from the earliest adopters has been good: marking @mentions as read on your wrist is easy, and makes using Flowdock on the go smoother.