When you’re part of a software team that’s constantly pushing out features both big and small, it’s easy to be focused on the details. You lose sight of the big picture — the sum of all of these gradual changes. The same thing goes for users: the constant stream of updates can make it difficult to see long-term changes.

To help with this, we put together a page that shows how far Flowdock has come over the years. The Flowdock Roadmap page is a good place to see what’s changed, and stay up to date with Flowdock updates.

In addition to showing a changelog of what’s been done, we also included some of our most-requested features. There are the ones that we’d love to do but still need more input on — features such as flow-specific notification settings, moving messages to threads and custom @groups. Have a look at them and send us some feedback if you feel strongly about them! The more detail that you can provide, the better.

So. How much has Flowdock improved over time? Here’s what it looked like just over three years ago:

Retro Flowdock UI

We’ve come a long way.

Check out the Flowdock Roadmap page!