At Flowdock, we quite unsurprisingly think chat is a pretty good form of communication. However, sometimes it may fall short in depth of expression. Solid punctuation helps, but intonation and stress unfortunately are not available in text form. To make up for those shortcomings, here are a couple of pretty useful features.

Add formatting with Markdown

Markdown allows you to add emphasis by formatting text. It’s great for those situations when you want to be crystal clear, or if you just want to add a little twist to your message. The syntax is quite simple to use. It’s quick and intuitive to add things like **bold**, *italics* or `inline code` and even to use lists, links, and blockquotes.

Our Markdown implementation is based on Commonmark, but the entire array of features is not supported because of the nature of chat. For a full list of supported functionality, see our chat input help documentation. Mobile support is already on its way, and soon enough you’ll be able to see the formatting in your Android and iOS devices.

Emoji made easy

Emoji is another great tool for adding that extra oomph to your message. In Flowdock, emoji is available by typing the colon “:” character in the chat input. But sometimes you just want to browse, so we added the emoji picker. You open it by clicking on the gray smiley face in the right end of the chat input, and it’s super easy to use. In addition to the common list of emoji, it also lists all the custom emoji that you and your teammates have uploaded to Flowdock.

We hope you enjoy these improvements and keep the feedback coming!