Our team made use of Flowdock’s /room integration every morning for standup, as well as for ad-hoc meetings throughout the day.  The ability to quickly launch a video chat directly from our communication tool of choice without logins or downloads is extremely powerful.  Several members of our team are remote so they can easily join our team’s stand-up from our team’s flow in Flowdock.

However, a few weeks ago, we (and especially our new Director of Product, Tania, seen in the image below) were sad to hear that room.co was shutting down.

We quickly decided to whip up an integration with a similar service, appear.in, and we are happy to announce it as a replacement for the room.co integration!  Appear.in offers the same great benefits as Room but allows as many as eight people in the same video chat (versus four for Room).

Clearly Tania is excited, we hope you are too!  As you can see, Appear is also a group video chat tool, but in this case Tania appears (pun intended) to be hanging out in the “cool-heron” room waiting for the rest of our team to join.

To start a video chat from Flowdock, enter /appear in your team’s flow or from a 1-to-1 conversation.  You can share screens, make rooms private, save favorites, and view recent activity.

Learn more about this integration on our help page, or visit appear.in’s website for more information.