One of the most powerful tools within Flowdock for helping everyone on a team have context for a conversation is our tagging feature. Any message can be tagged by clicking on the tag icon in the upper-right corner of a message, and messages are automatically tagged if they include an @ mention.

tagging existing messages using the tag icon

If you have tags in mind while you are writing a message, just add them in with a # and the message will automatically be tagged. Tags can be searched for, so multiple related threads or conversations can be pulled together by anyone in the flow, even if they were not around for the initial thread.

It can be tough to find a conversation from days, weeks, or even months earlier. Searching can mean looking for vague terms that you think might have been written in an important discussion. After you’ve found the conversation, someone else might have difficulty finding it when they look for the same thing a day later. Flowdock threading can help with this by grouping messages together, but finding the thread in the first place can be tricky. Why not tag the thread with something memorable? By tagging threads as they are created, or even weeks later when you realize it’s an important thread, you can speed up future searching, and turn your Flow into living documentation of past discussions. After a message is tagged, just search for #tagname, and any matching threads will show up.

tag search example

Has a discussion ended up broken out over multiple threads? This often happens when initially unrelated conversations end up being related to each other. If you tag all of the threads with matching subject tags, you can quickly match up the conversations down the road.

Flowdock’s email integrations are a powerful way to keep everyone in a team in the loop, while not overwhelming a flow with messages. Luckily, they can be tagged automatically; just add +tag to the flow name section of a flow’s email address. example address will tag any messages to that address with #invoices, so that you can easily find any invoices down the road. Notifications for individual users can be added at the same time by adding .username after flow_name in the above example. If one person always handles sales inquiries, forward the mail to, and they (.username) will get a notification about the new inbox message, and a #sales tag will be applied to the inbox item.

Do you want to integrate tags with your chatbot or other API client? Check out our API documentation; tagging and @username notifications can be handled through the API too!

Learn more about tagging and team inboxes on our help pages.