This week we are releasing two big design focused features: we updated our color palette and icons to reflect our new branding. We also changed our threading UI to help new users discover the functionality as well as support our ongoing efforts to clean our development code.

Old icon, New Look

As for the branding updates, it was time for a revamp. After considering options we all voted that we really liked our original logo (sometimes this just happens, folks). Working with our corporate marketing team’s new color palette we were able to create a look that mixed the new and the old. Hopefully you are as excited as us to see a familiar face.

Why Update Threading?

So why did we update our threading UI? First, let’s start with a little history. When Flowdock first came into tech existence (back in 2009), Flows were set up as a team space where all team chat could occur, to keep everyone aware of each conversation. The Flowdock team knew this could get noisy, so Threading was essential to the Flow staying organized. The way they designed this experience was they allowed users to create new Threads, with options to reply to just that thread, but keeping that entire conversation present in the main chat with all the other threads as well.

Unfortunately, combining real-time chat and Threading into one space, proved to be a bit of a discoverability hurdle. Since seasoned teams love this functionality (and a competitor who shall not be mentioned released their version*), we decided it was time to address the learning curve so that new users can also enjoy organized chat. We looked into several approaches, including intense coloring, font alterations, noise effects and more. After Beta testing with customers we landed on our new styling for Threading:

If you are not seeing the changes, refresh your browser or update your mobile app. Now that you have this feature live, tell us: Are new teammates Thread failing as much? We would love to know!

*When they did so, we heard from some of you, and you said you like our version better (Thanks!).