This spring we conducted user interviews around one of our most popular integrations: Agile Central (formerly known as Rally). Agile Central is one of our sister products here at CA Technologies, so we understood the pain points brought to us. They are as follows:

  1. The integration is too noisy (updates are happening too often)
  2. As a user of both products, I want to see what is said in Flowdock back in Agile Central

The first bullet point is leading to a larger research effort into inbox noise, but the second seemed like something we could improve for our customers sooner rather than later. We came up with two updates that we have released for you to try. They are:

  1. Automatic Post: If a comment has been made in Flowdock on an Agile Central inbox item, an auto generated discussion post will appear back in Agile Central on that artifact discussion tab. The post informs you that a discussion is happening with a link to quickly join the Flowdock conversation. 
  2. Manual Post: If you make a comment in Flowdock on an Agile Central inbox item, hit send, hover over this message and you will see a share icon. If you click this icon, your specific message will then appear back in Agile Central under the discussion tab for that artifact.

Some caveats exist for both of these. First: you must have an Agile Central license. Second, you have to have it set up as an integration in your inbox. Finally, if you are not the integration owner you need to make sure you’re signed into that license via Flowdock: don’t worry we will prompt you to log in if you are not.

Now you can rock and roll. Have it turned on? Provide us with feedback, we’d like to know how you’re using it.