It’s usually a hipster thing…

hoarding knowledge of an obscure band or an eatery with no sign indicating it is there. Sometimes a moment comes when the rest of the world finds out about one of these hipster treasures and “ruins” it for them. Now is that moment for slash commands in Flowdock!

Flowdock has slash commands functions that aren’t new. They’ve been there; hiding from most users. As a new team, working on a not-new product we had to ask ourselves: “Why wouldn’t we make all these features easier for users to find?” We couldn’t come up with a good reason.

So we hung a sign in front of our metaphorical eatery by simply putting all the Flowdock slash commands in an easy-to-find menu. Want to start a video call? Need to set a status message in a flow? Want to start a one-on-one conversation with someone?

There’s a /command for all of that and more!

Funny story…

when we beta tested this menu, most of the feedback we got was about the features in the menu, not the menu itself. Thus validating our thought that users would be interested in these features, if only they knew they were there. However, we haven’t made any tweaks to the commands themselves at this point, maybe in a future iteration we will. So please tell us what you think. Did you know about this band before it was cool?