In terms of customer requested Flowdock features…

… the ability to create a custom group in flows has been second only to re-threading. So naturally after we released re-threading in August we dug into all the input users have been giving us regarding custom groups. We gleaned that users want to be able to tag a subset of people in a flow. For example all the people that are in one of many locations served by a flow, or are part of one particular discipline, like the engineers.

With a custom @@group you gain this ability

From the settings menu for a particular flow find the newly added “Groups” tab. Set up a group name, add members to it and save. From there you should be able to find any custom groups in the drop-down list of tags. Tags for individual users, “team” and “everyone” are prefixed with an @. Custom groups are prefixed with @@, so they are distinct. For more detailed help on using this feature visit the Notifications section of our help site.

Through user testing this feature we learned some key benefits

The custom groups feature cuts down on the need to spin up additional flows. For example being able to tag all the people from a team located in Denver makes an additional flow to target messages for just those team members unnecessary. It also cuts down on the notification “noise” many users experience. No more relying solely on the all-or-nothing style “team” and “everyone” tags that can spam users with notifications that only a subset of users actually need. We heard this makes notifications menu less inclined to be cluttered, and thus more useful.

Users who tested this feature enjoyed these impacts

We hope you will share their response. What do you think? How might you use custom flow groups? Might you like to be one of the users with whom we test these new features?  We want to hear from you!