in their recent blog announced few changes that they are making to the way you can access rooms on appear.

From September 24th 2018 all rooms need to be created by and owned by someone. You’ll no longer need to “claim” rooms after creating them which has been a cause of great confusion. Any room you create will from september 24th automatically be linked to your account.

We prepared a quick little FAQ to help you understand what this means to our customers who use the /appear command to have voice/ video calls with their team members via appear.

Q1. What does this mean to the way I have an appear call today via Flowdock? Can I continue to use just /appear command and have a random room name assigned?

Ans: With this change at Appear, we are not making any changes to Flowdock. What this means is, you will still have /appear command available, but for you to have a seamless experience you would have to provide your room name when you fire this command. Our command has [room name] as optional, with this change it means you would always have to provide a room name along with the command to have a seamless experience. For example, if you are looking to start a call in a room called Love-Flowdock, the command you would fire would be /appear Love-Flowdock which would give a link like for others to join.


Q2. What happens if I do not provide a room name next to /appear command?

Ans: You will continue to receive a link with a random text as room name appended like it happens today, but once you click on the link to navigate to, “no such room exists” message is what you would get, unless its a claimed room already.


Q3. Does this mean I always need to have an account to have an appear call?

And: Yes and no. Anyone starting an appear call need to have an account with a room name already claimed. But others who wish to join need not have an account and can join the call like today.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them as comments below and we will do our best to answer them.