Sakari Jokinen is the newest member of the Flowdock team

Nowadays, most people in the tech industry are well aware of the fact that it’s not “cool” (or really even “okay”) to hire people using such repugnant terminology as “rock star”, “guru” or “ninja”. Well, what are you going to do if you actually hire a guy who happens to be a 5-dan kendoka and a member of the Finnish National kendo team? Those are the exact martial arts credentials of the Flowdock team’s newest member, Sakari Jokinen.

When Sakari isn’t dressed in full body armor and displaying his kata skills, he likes to dabble in code. In fact, his abilities cover so many different programming languages that he’s started writing his own: Tip, a language similar to TypeScript. It also intends to play well with Node.js and NPM.

Sakari is quite a functional programming enthusiast and his biggest vice is Haskell. Being the functional spokesperson that he is, he’s even written a short introduction to Haskell.

In the Flowdock team, Sakari will be working on all parts of our stack, but I expect him to especially enjoy working on our Bacon.js infused front-end. Welcome Sakari!