Big updates for Flowdock on on iPhone and Android


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  • Entirely native design on both platforms
  • Team inbox
  • Message replies
  • New message activity indicators

A bit over a year ago, we made a bet on HTML5-based mobile apps. We thought it would be a great way to deliver mobile apps on multiple platforms quickly. As it turned out, Flowdock has enough tricky functionality to make it a bad candidate for the mobile HTML environment. This was especially true on Android, where developing smooth and stable UIs or reliable real-time functionality ended up being a hopeless quest that was doomed to fail.

This August, shortly after releasing our Android app, we decided to face the facts and give up. It was obvious that our earlier decision had lead us down the wrong path, and our demanding customers would never be happy with our HTML-based mobile apps. With our Android app, we had to endure some brutal Twitter commentary, and rightfully so. Thus, we elected to go native – fast. We’ll be writing a retrospective blog post about the colorful history of our apps in the coming weeks.

We realized that it wouldn’t be enough to just rewrite the apps with the same functionality. They needed to bring something new to the table. Most significantly, the apps needed to include the team inbox.

The new apps are designed to look and feel smooth and in line with the design guidelines of each platform. They are reliable and real-time where it matters.

Since we wanted to get these apps into the hands of our customers as quickly as possible, you might brush against some rough edges. We’re also missing a few important features (search, for example), and we realize that many of you are eagerly waiting for an iPad app. The development of our apps most definitely doesn’t end here. For the first time ever, we now have people dedicated to working on our mobile apps, so you can expect frequent updates.

Right now, it’s important that we hear from you! Give us as much feedback as possible. We want to be sure that we’re taking the apps in the right direction. You can send any comments or bug reports to or on Twitter, and you can submit new feature requests and vote on others on our UserVoice page. And of course, all reviews on the App Store and Google Play are greatly appreciated!