Lauri Luotola is a Flowdock intern

The cover photo on his Facebook page shows Flowdock‘s summer intern, Lauri Luotola, benji-jumping over the skies of Helsinki. As one not to avoid fast-paced extreme sports, Lauri is also an avid snowboarder (he says his 720 cab lands 50 percent of the time depending on the wind). A hobby that will fit quite well with any potential trips to our company headquarters amidst the Rockies in Boulder, Colorado.

Lauri is also active in the local Helsinki entrepreneurship community. He is a part of the AaltoES team, where he takes care of their web site and general tech matters. Lauri joins us in the capacity of software intern and has already begun learning the insides and outs of our software stack. He has previous experience in technologies ranging from C# and Microsoft’s web stack to things like Angular and Django. Welcome, Lauri!