During the summer we’ve done quite a few improvements to Flowdock, including user highlights, one-click email and Twitter replying and a successful change to a new message database. Today we deployed a big update for Influx, our application for bringing external content to the flow. Here are some of our latest features:

Redesigned Influx sources dialog

Since we launched our public beta, the experience of managing Influx sources hasn’t been as good as it should. Because the sources dialog worked as it should (technically, at least) and we had more urgent things to fix, we left it pretty much untouched. However, as the rest of the user experience became more polished and clean, the old dialog with its many tabs, fields and buttons started to stick out like a sore thumb.

Old and new Influx sources dialogs compared

After several iterations of sketching and planning we came up with a design that was dramatically simpler than the old one. Inspired by the multi-function address bars in today’s browsers, we implemented a single text field that works with all source types. Type a Twitter user name, RSS feed address or any keyword you’d like to follow and you’ll get a preview dropdown of all the sources you can add to your flow.

When anybody in the flow adds or removes an Influx source, everyone gets notified of the change so they know what content is coming to their flow without constantly checking the sources view.

Chat notifications about source changes

Get notified about messages for you

Starting from today you’ll get notified by email about all the chat messages sent to you. Notifications about discussion in your flows pop up in your inbox after a day if you haven’t visited the flow. This is a great way to inform your teammates about important stuff even if they can’t access Flowdock right away.

Get notified about your messages by email

Pending invitations

Last but not least, we’ve added a list of invited people after the flow members list on the Dashboard. In addition to seeing who has already got an invite, you can also resend the email or cancel the invite completely.

Pending invitations are shown on the Dashboard

Remember to give feedback!

At Flowdock, we’re always listening to our customers to concentrate our development to the weakest points in our software. We need your feedback to make Flowdock better, so tell us what you think about these new features. To give feedback, you can use the feedback form in the Dashboard, add new ideas to our UserVoice page or email us at team@flowdock.com.

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