At Flowdock, we are changing the way we handle flow IDs in our API. If you are a Flowdock API user, this may affect your integration, and if you are using Hubot with Flowdock, you’ll have to upgrade before the change comes into effect.
The changes will take effect on Monday, May 27th, 2013.

For more information, see our new API Changes page.

Keeping Track Of API Changes

To stay up-to-date with up-and-coming changes and additions to the Flowdock API, frequent the API Changes page or follow the API Changes Atom feed.

Contributing & Discussions

In case you bump into any bugs, problems or inconveniences with the API, feel free to create an issue in our open Flowdock API documentation GitHub repository. If you find anything remiss in the documentation, correcting pull requests will be received with open arms.