Jenkins CI

Jenkins is a popular continuous integration system that runs on the Java platform. Up until now, you could only integrate Jenkins to your flow by setting up email notifications for builds. Thanks to the recently published Flowdock Push API, there’s no longer need to resort to just plain email notifications. We have embraced the world of Java and developed jenkins-flowdock-plugin to make integrating Jenkins to Flowdock easier and a more pleasant experience.

Installing the plugin

  • Go to Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Available
  • Find “Flowdock plugin” and install it
  • Restart Jenkins

Now you can configure Flowdock notifications for any build by setting Post-build Actions:

Jenkins configuration for Flowdock

And here’s a happy notification in your flow:

Jenkins notification in Flowdock

Fork your own notifier!

We had some arguments about the notification message configuration and how to implement customizable notifications. Soon we figured out that there’s just no point in trying to do that. Why not publish the plugin sources and let the developers hack it?

Forking the plugin and implementing your own awesome notifications takes just a few minutes and is well worth the effort. The plugin classes already provide all the Push API features, so you can start customizing the notifications to your liking straight away.