Atlassian’s issue and project tracking tool, JIRA, has one of the most popular Flowdock integrations. Flowdock adds real-time internal discussions to JIRA and turns actions in tickets into parts of the ongoing conversation in Flowdock.

Here’s a quick 45-second video showcasing the integration.

Flowdock also has integrations to other Atlassian’s tools such as Confluence and Bitbucket.

Atlassian OnDemand

Atlassian is now launching Atlassian OnDemand. They’re moving their entire product suite to the cloud. Whether you’re looking for hosted issue tracking, agile planning, an enterprise wiki, or source control, they’ve got you covered. Atlassian OnDemand features fully-integrated cloud-based versions of all their most popular development tools to help take you from concept to launch.

Flowdock integration for JIRA is built-in in Atlassian OnDemand. Just sign up to Atlassian OnDemand and follow these instructions.

Google Apps Integration On Both Sides

Atlassian OnDemand also adds Google Apps integration to Atlassian’s products. Amongst the integration features is logging in with your Google Apps account. Since Flowdock already has the support for it, you can get true single sing-on for all three services.

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