We try to be as responsive and communicative as possible towards our users because they are our future customers (fingers crossed), and they provide incredibly valuable customer feedback.

We try to give our customers enough ways to give us feedback, so they don’t have to sweat it. They can use a feedback form inside Flowdock flows, use our Uservoice page or send us email directly to team@flowdock.com. Some users choose to use Twitter for feedback and they catch our attention by mentioning @flowdock. All this means we need to track different mediums. Luckily enough, Flowdock gives us everything we need, in real time.

Emails and Twitter

Handle feedback from different mediums

In this example from the Tour, you can see how we handle feedback from emails and tweets.

  • Responsiveness comes easily when the whole team can respond to the feedback
  • All feedback form emails have the tag #feedback in their subject, so they get correctly tagged
  • We have forwarded all the emails to team@flowdock.com to our development flow as well, so it’s easy to answer to them and track them in Influx
  • Live, face-to-face feedback we just type into the chat and tag it with the same #feedback tag

With these practices, all the feedback is easily accessible when we need it.


Uservoice changes in Influx

Uservoice is a great way of sourcing and managing ideas and suggestions from the user community. The team gets notified about all changes in Uservoice as well. It’s great to talk over new feature requests inside our flow right away when they’re suggested. Then we tag them further and they become part of our backlog. That is agile.

7 days to Flowdock public beta on March 10th!