Meet Grand Cru, founded in 2011 by six Finnish game industry veterans, they are a Helsinki based team of game creators. They say they have one direction: to revolutionize mobile and social gaming.

In their quest they have found Flowdock to be an essential tool. Creative director Harri Granholm says that with Flowdock, “we can work tightly together, but at the same time everyone can concentrate on their tasks without any unnecessary interruptions”.

The Cru’s new upcoming game, the Supernauts lets you create your superhero alter ego online. As a social game, the game is naturally best when played together, so it supports real-time multiplayer on a massive scale.

The Cru team is made up of mobile gaming and virtual world veterans combined with fresh design and other talent. That makes Flowdock a great fit:

We have noticed that Flowdock works well for the Cru as it has similarities with IRC which is a familiar tool for many of us. Many features, such as embedding images in a conversation and the integration with Pivotal Tracker, are essential to our work. In addition, our graphic designers are constantly sharing the material they are working on through Flowdock.

The Cru is also hiring.