UserVoice is a feedback and help desk product that makes responding to customer needs fast and effortless. We at Flowdock have previously integrated with UserVoice only by plain email notifications. Seeing that UserVoice has recently rolled out its neat Service Hooks, we just couldn’t resist making the integration even better.

With the new integration you will be notified of all that is happening in your UserVoice community, and the entire team can participate in responding to the feedback. Now that the feedback is sent directly to Flowdock, your email inbox no longer gets overflowed with notifications. In addition, the Service Hook configuration makes it easy to define which notifications you want to see in your team inbox.

Setting up the integration

To get started, visit our UserVoice help page and follow the short list of instructions. You should be integrated and receiving notifications from UserVoice in no time.

Here is an example notification in the team inbox:


In a deal we struck with the awesome UserVoice folks, the ten first Flowdock teams to sign up to UserVoice by using the code hiflowdockers will receive 25 % off for a year of UserVoice.