Krista Kauppinen

This is a guest blog post written by Krista Kauppinen who recently started as Head of Online Marketing at Holvi, a customer of ours. She explains how Flowdock has helped her get started at her new job.

I recently started as the second nontechnical employee at Holvi, an online banking service startup that was founded in 2011. Our company is growing, but we still have everyone on the same Flowdock flow. This has been an unexpected blessing for me.

I have a business degree and I work on marketing and customer acquisition. I don’t always understand the discussions our developers have on the flow, but I’m able to see what they’re talking about and it’s in writing (so I can google unfamiliar terms!). Being able to easily get a technical perspective on customer questions and feedback by forwarding emails to Flowdock means I’ve been able to do customer support from almost day 1.

Flowdock has also been great for better understanding the pace of technical development and the relative difficulty of implementing new features and bug fixes. The team inbox that brings in data from Twitter, Zendesk and reports from our product, gives a good overall view of where we are in terms of progress.

Our team uses tagging actively, so I’ve been able to search tags like #todo, #blog or #marketing to see what’s previously been discussed on different topics. Not having to pop into the other room to ask questions and interrupt people’s workflow or send an email to whoever I suspect might know about issue X has made joining the team a lot smoother.

An added bonus of using Flowdock is seeing when my co-workers are online, as startup founders and developers often work odd hours. This has been useful for understanding their work patterns better. We have our security advisor as part of the flow, giving his point of view on what we discuss. Security is a very important aspect of building a banking product, and without Flowdock, getting information about this would be a lot more time consuming.

We also use Flowdock to share various types of benchmarking data, relevant articles, ideas we have, customer development insights and even jokes. This has helped me get to the know the company and my coworkers faster than at many previous jobs and with less effort from the others to get my caught up.

Thank you Flowdock!